SSH Key Support Added to cr-48

A while ago, I was lucky enough to receive one of Google’s cr-48 laptops to test out. I decided not to flip the switch to put it into developer mode (for several reasons). This meant that I was stuck with a rather locked-down terminal. Luckily, it had minimal ssh support, so I was able to connect to my other computer to run programs like irssi.

Recently, Google rolled out an update for Chrome OS. One of the changes contained in this update had to do with ssh. Now, simply running ‘ssh ‘ is not sufficient to connect. This will instead drop you into an ‘ssh>’ interactive prompt. At this prompt, you can simply type ‘connect’ to continue connecting. This interactive ssh program adds some additional functionality as well. Below is the output of the ‘help’ command.

crosh> ssh
ssh> help
connect - connect
dynamic-forward port - dynamic socks proxy (-D)
forward port:host:port - static port forward (-L)
help - this
host - remote hostname
key - sets private key to use (-i)
nocmd - don't execute command (-N)
port - port on remote host (-p)
quit - exit ssh subsystem
user - username on remote host
Note that this program can only bind local ports in the range
8000-8999, inclusive.

Those of you who have used the cr-48’s ssh client before probably took note of the addition of a ‘key’ option. This new feature means that users can finally use their cr-48 to connect to a computer via ssh using a key rather than a password. I have not found much documentation on using this new feature, so I figured I would document how I got it working.

First, I copied my ~/.ssh directory from my primary laptop (not my cr-48) to a web-accessible location. Then, from my cr-48, I proceeded to navigate to the key I wanted to use and download it (just use the default location). Next, I launched a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T).

crosh> ssh
ssh> user nhandler
ssh> host
ssh> key /home/chronos/user/Downloads/mykey
ssh> connect

Assuming you followed these directions, you should get prompted for the password for the ssh key. Upon entering it, you will have an active ssh session to

This should help out many users who do not like to allow password logins for ssh.

Edit: I just realized that it is not necessary to enter the full path to the key. If you enter an incorrect path (such as trying to use ~ instead of /home/chronos), the following message is displayed:

File '~/user/Downloads/mykey' is not a valid key file. Key files must reside
under /media or /home/chronos/user. Key files in the Downloads directory may
be specified with an unqualified name.

As you can see, if the key is in /home/chronos/user/Downloads, you can drop the path and simply enter the key name.

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Ubuntu IRC Council Nominations

As was previously announced on the mailing list, the terms of Benjamin Rubin and Jussi Schultink on the Ubuntu IRC Council are coming to an end. There is currently an open call for nominations to fill these spots. All nominations must be submitted no later than 23:59:59 UTC on Sunday, November 7, 2010 to (private mailing list). The requirements for serving on the council are as follows:

  • Ubuntu membership (Essential)
  • Be able to demonstrate a competent technical knowledge of IRC.
  • Be able to demonstrate a passion and desire for IRC and maintaining effective governance of our IRC community.
  • Be familiar of the expectations listed in this charter and commit to executing them as part of the IRC Council

If elected, you will have the opportunity to serve on the council with a group of great people. Currently, the following people make up the Ubuntu IRC Council: Benjamin Rubin (term ending), Juha Siltala, Jussi Schultink (term ending), Nathan Handler, and Terence Simpson. As a member of the council, you would be responsible for several important duties in the IRC community including:

  • Appointing or recalling IRC operators or determining criteria by which they are appointed.
  • Resolving disputes between IRC operators
  • With advice, feedback, and help from the IRC operators, maintaining the IRC Guidelines and associated infrastructure.
  • Community Bug Reporting – the IRC Council should encourage the community to file issues using the Community Bug Process at – this provides a good snapshot of where people feel there are problems in the community.
  • Regular IRC Meetings – at least one public real-time IRC meeting per month with a public request for agenda items. They should have an Agenda wiki page to handle this process. The community can add agenda items and they are discussed and decided upon.
  • Reporting – meeting notes and outcomes should be published using the TeamReports framework at

The IRC Council has a lot of work to get done during the next 2 years, so if you are up for the challenge and meet the requirements, we would love to have you join the council.

Remember, there is only slightly over 1 week remaining in the nomination stage, so if you are interested, please do not hesitate in sending in your nomination.

If you have any questions about the nomination process or about serving on the IRC Council, please feel free to contact either myself or another member of the council; we would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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Ask Ubuntu Stats on Ubuntu Hall of Fame

Ask Ubuntu has been gaining more and more popularity each day. I recently created a script that parses to find the top 10 ranked people for the week. Thanks to some help from the awesome Daniel Holbach, the output of this script is now displayed on the Ubuntu Hall of Fame. Keep up the great work everyone!
Ubuntu Hall of Fame

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September 2010 Team Reports

In order to make Team Reports more visible, I will be posting them to the Planet at the end of each month. This month, we had 24 LoCo Teams producing team reports, and a total of 36 teams in the community producing reports. Hopefully, we can get even more reports next month, due to the release of Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat.

I apologize for not having the report nicely formatted here. I will work on doing that for next month. If you prefer, you can read the report on the wiki.

If your team is currently not producing team reports, this will help you get started.

== Monthly Team Reports: September 2010 ==

=== Ubuntu Governance ===

==== Americas Regional Membership Board ====

The approval results from the September 16th Americas Membership meeting are as follows:

* David E. Rondon ( |

==== Developer Membership Board ====

===== Developer Membership Board meeting, 2010-09-27 =====

Chair: Cody A.W. Somerville

Present: Colin Watson, Emmet Hikory, Stéphane Graber, Soren Hansen, Michael Bienia

====== Administrative Matter: Review Marco Rodrigues participation in Ubuntu Development ======


Marco Rodrigues requests permission to participate in Ubuntu Developer. He is currently not permitted to do so per a binding request from the former MOTU Council. [1]

Application was discussed by the board in absentia.

The board requested and received additional information from Scott Kitterman regarding his comment on this application.

Cody Somerville motioned to postpone consideration. Colin Watson seconded the motion with the stipulation that a call for feedback from developers be made regarding this application. The vote was called and the motion was carried unanimously.

Cody Somerville accepted an action to send an e-mail calling for feedback from developers on this application.

Postponed: 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5

ACTION: Cody Somerville to send an e-mail calling for feedback from developers on this application.


====== PerPackageUploader Application: Barry Warsaw for gtimelog ======


Barry Warsaw requested upload permission to the gtimelog (universe) package.

Approved: 4 for, 0 against, 1 abstained. Total: 4

====== Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Raphaël Pinson ======


Raphaël Pinson, a former Ubuntu core-developer, requested to be reinstated as a core developer.

Approved: 4 for, 0 against, 1 abstained. Total: 4

====== Select a chair for the next meeting ======

ACTION: Michael Bienia to chair the next Developer Membership Board meeting.

==== EMEA Regional Membership Board ====

* Date: 2010/09/07

* Board Members Present

* Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski)

* Dennis Kaarsemaker

* Stéphane Graber

* Oliver Grawert (ogra)

* David Rubin (drubin)

* Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) – Chair

* Apologies:

* Alan Pope (popey)

* Approved Members







* Actions and follow-up items

* drubin to chair next meeting

* drubin to email lists

* Next meeting is on 5th of October same time same place

==== IRC Council ====

* Meeting 2010-09-11, 2010-09-26: Canceled

* No quorum

* No agenda items

* No last-minute issues brought up for discussion

==== Technical Board ====

* Meeting 2010-09-07

* Agenda:

* The Board will organize a regular review of user feedback on according to the proposal described at

* The Application Review Board proposed by Jono Bacon in was waved through informally, to bootstrap the application review process. We will re-evaluate in six months.

* Meeting 2010-09-21

* Chair: Martin

* Attendees: Colin Watson, Kees Cook, Scott James Remnant

* Guests: Jamie Strandboge

* Review of Actions

* Martin to follow up with Kees on-list (re: Chromium security updates) — ”’DONE”’

* Matt to implement brainstorm reviews as proposed — ”’DONE”’

* Martin added this as a permanent topic to the agenda, together with the next due date

* Matt to respond to jono re: application review board — ”’DONE”’

* SRU microrelease exception for bzr (

* Requirement: Run selftests during package build to catch architecture specific regressions, and catch problems early

* Run tests on installed package as part of SRU verification

* ”’ACTION:”’ Martin Pitt to ask Martin Pool about self test instructions on installed system

* ”’ACTION:”’ Kees to add bzr self test to qa-regression-testing project

* Under those conditions, the request was unanimously approved

* ”’ACTION:”’ Martin add to Stable“ReleasePolicy

* Chromium security updates

* Discussion has shown that a general SRU exception is the only viable way

* It is not realistic to do any serious testing on these, since updates are released so fast; updates need to happen pretty much “blindly”

* This makes it rather inappropriate for main/default install, but as an opt-in in universe the current experience with the recent Chromium SRUs showed that the process is working

* In case of new build dependencies: in general they should be bundled, but for some of them it is okay to update the system package (e. g. gyp, and perhaps libvpx); this is a case-by-case decision

* No new community bugs to look at

* Next chair: Mark Shuttleworth

==== Kubuntu Team ====

”’Kubuntu Team Report for September, 2010”’

===== Packaging =====

* Kubuntu Ninjas made KDE 4.5.1 packages ( for Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

* Amarok 2.3.2 ( is available from Kubuntu Backports PPA

===== Development =====

* Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Beta released (

===== Translation =====

* Jonathan Riddell made a list ( of what needs to be translated until Kubuntu 10.10

==== Ubuntu Studio Team ====

* Began development for Natty –

* moderating package selection (i.e. adding and removing packages)

* developed around task focused workflow –

* helps define the package selection –

* additional metapackages might be created for finer installation control of audio apps

* eliminate duplicate functionality (i.e. remove LADSPA plugins if the same plugins are available in LV2 format)

* Art development

* plymouth theme

* Tested Ubuntu Studio Release Candidate ISO for QA

* Website Update

* fleshing out audience

* developing purpose for audience

* identifying components for various page

* evaluating mock-ups

* Began to assign team positions

* testing lead/contact/liaison – rlamerio

* IRC user support – holstein

* Kernel development

* removed -rt kernel from archives

* began working with Ubuntu Kernel Team to get -lowlatency kernel into archives

==== Xubuntu Team ====

”’Xubuntu team report for September, 2010”’

===== Bug Triage =====

* Our bug triage efforts are paying off for Xubuntu. Many bugs were squashed this past month.

===== Packaging, Development, & Testing =====

* We tested Maverick Meerkat Beta with good results.

===== Website & Marketing =====

* Xubuntu needs a new Marketing Lead. Contact us per if interested or email

===== Artwork =====

* We still need a good plymouth theme.

===== Community =====

* We are striving to get more users to blog about Xubuntu. We would like to keep word out of the changes being made, as well as new releases.

* We are attempting to submit new articles to Ubuntu Weekly News at least once a month about Xubuntu.

===== Documentation =====

* Xubuntu needs a new Documentation Lead. Contact us per if interested or email

=== Ubuntu LoCo Teams ===

==== Argentina Team ====

* Tuesday 7th – CISL 2010 – Conferencias Internacionales sobre Software Libre – at National Library (BUE) photos (

* Friday 10th – Presentations in EPUEL 2010 – Encuentro Para Una Educacion Libre pictures (

* Monday 13 to Friday 17 – One week of introductory presentations at E.N.E.T. N°36 (public technical school) pics (

* Organizing the first Ubu“Con in Argentina (Nov 19 & 20 at Palermo University – BUE)

* Organizing Maverick Meerkat Release Parties (BUE and some others cities)

==== Asturian Team ====

* 24 September – 1Help=1Coffee ( & μCourses ( Picture (

* 17 September – 1Help=1Coffee ( & μCourses ( Picture (

* 10 September – 1Help=1Coffee ( & μCourses ( Picture (

* 3 September – 1Help=1Coffee ( & μCourses ( Picture (

==== Belgian Team ====

* September 5th: booth at Computer Fair in Ghent ( )

* September 12th: booth at Computer Fair in Antwerp ( )

* September 18th: Software Freedom Day in Ostend ( ) in collaboration with Zandletters (

* September 19th: booth at Computer Fair in Charleroi ( )

* September 26th: booth at Computer Day in Niel ( ) in collaboration with the local computer club Monitor

* September 26th: booth at Computer Fair in Hasselt ( )

* made sure Eclectic Tech Carnival ( (women in open source event) has Ubuntu CDs

* collecting possible designs for a locoteam T-shirt

* preparations for making a local Ubuntu services (companies) directory

* some people started looking into (re)starting educational efforts

* Weekly IRC meetings ( for coordination on September 01st, 08th, 16th, 23d and 29th

==== Cameroonian Team ====

* ”’17 September 2010”’.Release of Aventure Libre ( #3

* ”’18 September 2010”’. Participation to the Software Freedom Day 2010 in Yaounde, Palais des sports

* Preparation : mail 1 ( ), mail 2 ( )

* Report,video,photos : Kwartzlab blog post ( 2010)

==== Canadian Team ====

* Ubuntu Hours in Waterloo, ON (Sept. 1) and Ottawa, ON (Sept. 9)

* Software Freedom Day in Kitchener, ON. (Sept 18)

* (

* Lothlaurien’s blog post (

* txwikinger’s blog post (

* Flyer from the event (PDF) (

* Software Freedom Day ( event planned for Vancouver.

* We made buttons! (

* Maverick Release parties planned for Vancouver, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa and Toronto.

==== Catalan Team ====

* September 1st: irc meeting

* September 28th: meeting with CTUG for next release party.

==== French Team ====

* bonjour Ubuntu ( – New french website launched last month – Each day, one picture on Ubuntu and its awesome community.<
>And if you don’t speak french, you can follow on Hello Ubuntu (

* September 4th – Premier Samedi du Libre ( in Paris<
> This is a multi-distribution small install fest where around 60 people come to get help configuring and installing their Linux system.

* September 4th-5th – Braderie de Lille<
>From Saturday to Sunday evening stallholders set up shop along miles of streets. We have a booth at this event to present Ubuntu.

* September 6th : weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting

* September 7th – Ubuntu Party in Paris organisation meeting on irc #ubuntu-fr-meeting – minutes (

* September 13th – weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting

* September 18th – Ubuntu-fr libre software survey organised for the Software Freedom Day 2010

* September 19th – Ubuntu Party 10.10 second IRL meeting – minutes (

* September 20th – weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting

* September 21st – Ubuntu Party in Paris organisation meeting on irc #ubuntu-fr-meeting – minutes (

* September 22nd – Ubuntu-fr sysadmin IRC meeting

* September 27th – weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting

==== Hungarian Team ====

* We Created Release Party Badges for the Local and the International Community: More info (

* András Bognár applied for the Ubuntu membership and has been succesfully approved by the EMEA Board. He is the 8th Ubuntu member in our Lo“Co. More info (in Hungarian) (

* The number of registered users on has surpassed 18600

* We started organizing the Maverick Release Party: it will be on October 16th, the location is still to be decided

* We had our monthly IRC meeting on the first thursday of the month as usual:

* We regularly updated our loco site with the latest news:

* We continued our work on the Hungarian Ubuntu Education Project:

* We did various translation-related tasks

==== Ubuntu Ireland ====

* Regular Monthly IRC Meeting ( was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 15th September.

* Members of our Loco did a great job of running OSSBarcamp ( on 25th and 26th of September in University College Dublin.

* On Wednesday 29th of September the Dublin ( and Cork ( Ubuntu Hours took place. Both will kicked off at 18:00 local time.

* We had a great Limerick Ubuntu Hour ( on the 30th of September at 6pm in the Absolute Hotel.

* Plans are under way for release parties for Maverick. The Dublin release party will be on 10.10.10. More info (

==== Ubuntu Israel ====

* We helped spread the word of Open source software and ubuntu on the open source day in Israel.

* We had a booth on the biggest sci-fi convention in Israel, the Icon. In this event we gave over 200 Ubuntu CDs, sold Ubunchu comics and earned 500₪ (about 100 Euro) of donations.

* We have started to push all the part of publishing Ubuntu, so we have printed Ubuntu fliers and Credit cards. for that we have also got a donation from “Hamkor” association for having a rollup for our booths.

* we have started planning our Ubuntu 10.10 Release party 🙂

==== Japanese Team ====

* Ubuntu Magazine Japan vol.5 was released.


* We attended Open Source Conference 2010 Tokyo/Fall and held a seminar. Slides and Videos are available from the link below.


* The team member, Fumihito YOSHIDA, wrote the article about Btrfs in Ubuntu 10.10 for the October issue of Software Design.


* We replaced the archive servers ( and with new ones.

* The team member, Nobuto MURATA, kicked off Ubuntu Hour Tachikawa-Tokyo.


==== Norwegian team ====

* Cybernetisk Selskab (CYB) a student organization and IFI @ University of Oslo (UiO) held an installation party Monday September 13th at the main campus in Blindern.

* CDs were given to the organizers for distribution under the event and also to others in the computer labs at UiO later

* Planning Maverick Parties in several cities:

* General planning page for all events in Norway here (

* Bergen is planning an Installfest. This is arranged by BLUG ( and Ubuntu enthusiasts. BLUG planning page here (

* Oslo will held an event ( in Humla @ Hausmania in coordination with the 10/10/10 intiative by 10:10 and This in cooperation with Greenpeace, Critical Mass, Pimp-my-Bike, Norsk Klima Nettverk, Another Saturday Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour (, 10:10 Norge, Norwegian Red Cross and the avail from the Oslo City Council. Two organizational meetings with the other groups in September.

* Trondheim will held a coffee gathering of some sort

==== Serbian Team ====

* September 5th: regular monthly on-line IRC meeting, minutes HERE

* September 8th: 1 member promoted to forum moderator, Lo“Co core team expanded.

* September 5th: Do too cope deadline, translation team expanded. Ubuntu Manual translation bumped on top. We plan, in association with Rakovica Municipality to publish 3500+ hard copies of Ubuntu manual and give them away to students in Rakovica elementary schools.

* September 17th: two hours server downtime, fixed.

==== South African Ubuntu team ====

* 4 Sep: (

* 18 Sep: CodeJam ( in Pretoria for Software Freedom Day

* 20 Sep: IRC Meeting (

* JHB held software freedom day some photos ( )

==== Swiss Team ====

* 16. September: IRC Team meeting in #ubuntu-ch

* 17.-18. September: Booth at FrOSCamp in Zürich

==== Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team ====

* A new episode of the podcast was released

* The official Ubuntu book review published on DZone at

* Alan Pope, Dave Walker and Tony Whitmore went to OSSBarCamp in Dublin to record a podcast episode and give talks

* For Ubuntu App Developer week we have been giving talks on Python ( and Ruby (

==== United States Teams ====

===== Ubuntu California =====

* On September 12th, hosted booth at Solano Stroll 2010 (

* Ubuntu Hours:

* September 9th: Lake Forest (

* September 23rd: Lake Forest (

* September 28th: San Francisco (

* Team meetings:

* Sunday, September 5th (

* Sunday, September 19th (

* Launched project planning for:

* Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010 (

* Maverick Release Parties (

* Conflict Resolution page (

===== Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team =====

* Held our regular monthly team meeting (

* Requested our Maverick CDs from shipit

===== Florida LoCo Team =====

* September 7^th^: 1^st^ Monthly Team IRC Meeting was held in #ubuntu-us-fl.

* September 18^th^: Participated in Multiple SFD2010 events.

* September 18^th^: Ubuntu Hour Miami-Dade ( was held.

* September 21^st^: 2^nd^ Monthly Team IRC Meeting was held in #ubuntu-us-fl.

===== Iowa Team =====

* September Meeting

* September 30, 2010 (

===== Pennsylvania Team =====

* September 11th Geeknic (

* Photos by Elizabeth Krumbach (

* Photos by Andrew Keyes (

* On September 25th, to celebrate Software Freedom Day, an installfest was held and Jim Fisher did the main presentation at PACS (, “Zero to Linux in 45 Minutes” ( where he featured installing Ubuntu with Wubi

* Launched planning for booth at CPOSC ( on October 16th

===== Virginia Team =====

* Regular Monthly IRC Meeting ( was held at 8pm Eastern on September 7, 2010.

* Software Freedom Day Activities

* Fredericksburg, VA (Chris O’Donnell)

* Galax, VA minutes ( (Tarvid)

=== Additional Ubuntu Teams ===

==== Ubuntu Accessibility Team ====

* Personas started to be defined, they will be called John, Daniella, Simon, Faisal and Henrietta

* pages are being re-written. This is a work in-progress at this time. It will increase readability and insure the latest information is available to everyone.

==== Ubuntu Beginners Team ====

* Regular monthly meeting on September 14, 2010 ( – 8 members in attendance, 48 minutes long, with nhandler holding the chair.

* phillw ( gained member status;

* shredder12 (’s membership vote was moved to the mailing list;

* Applications were opened for the position of “Mentorship Administrator” – a person that takes care of the mentor list each month and has mentors provide monthly status reports. (addresses duanedesign’s agenda item of “Improving Mentor Program”)

* Development Focus Group membership applications were opened – applications done through the relative Launchpad team

==== Ubuntu Classroom Team ====

* Team Meeting September 23, 2010 @ 01:00 UTC ((

* Classes held:

* Sept 2nd: The sponsoring tools in ubuntu-dev-tools ( by Stefano Rivera (tumbleweed) for Ubuntu Kernel Bug Triage Summit (Maverick) (

* Sept 11th: (

* Sept 17th: Packaging without compiling ( by Emmet Hickory (persia) for Introduction to Python (

* Sept 18th: ( by Pedro Mendes de Araújo (pedro3005) for Beginners Team Dev Academy (

* Sept 23rd: Ubuntu Distributed Development Intro + Q&A ( by James Westby (james_w) for Introduction to C++ (

* Sept 25th: ( by Diego Turcios (!DiegoTc) for Beginners Team Dev Academy (

* Sept 25th: Introduction to Python: Part 2 ( by Pedro Mendes de Araújo (pedro3005) for Beginners Team Dev Academy (

* Sept 27 – Oct 1: Ubuntu App Developer Week (

==== Ubuntu Women Team ====

* Flavia Weisghizzi and Silvia Bindelli of Ubuntu-It spoke with Debian and Fedora women at the Debian Ubuntu (Italian) Community Conference

* Mailing list post (

* blog ( (w/ photos!)

* Melissa Draper and Alan Bell have been working on new wiki theme for our website

* Full Circle Magazine, Issue #41 (

* ( with interview of 10.10 Kernel Release Manager Leann Ogasawara

* Team update (in lieu of meeting) September 23rd (

* Team meeting September 8th (

* Laura Czajkowski ran her 4th Barcamp in Dublin ossbarcamp (

* Isabell Long’s Rewired State project hits the headlines (

* Of the 623 Ubuntu Members at the end of this month 4.82% are women

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Ubuntu Chicago Global Jam

The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo is getting ready for the upcoming Global Jam. We are trying a new venue for this event. We will be meeting at the Barnes and Noble at 728 North Waukegan Road in Deerfield on Sun, 29 Aug 2010 from noon until 5:00pm. There is a Metra Station right across the street (easily walkable). It is also easily accessible from the highway (and plenty of free parking). For people taking the train, there is a 10:35 train out of Union Station that will get to Deerfield at 11:26, and a 5:26 train out of Deerfield that will get back to Union Station at 6:19. If you live in the area and are interested in attending, please RSVP preferably on the LoCo Directory Event Page. Alternatively, you can RSVP by sending an email to, in #ubuntu-chicago on, in a comment on this blog, or by emailing me directly at

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Request For Help Preparing ClassBot For Translations

A few weeks ago, I was approached by some people from the Ubuntu Classroom-ES about having a Spanish version of ClassBot to help out with their Open Week. Thanks to some help with translations, I was able to create ClaseBot. The problem is, due to the way that the translations were done, if I make a change to the ClassBot code, it will have to be manually applied to ClaseBot. Ideally, I would like to have ClassBot setup to use Launchpad to allow people to translate it. The problem is that I have no experience using Gettext or with using Launchpad for translations. ClassBot is also a Perl script, so that also makes it a bit more challenging to find examples. If there is someone who has a bit more experience in this area, please get in contact with me.

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My Nerd Score

Well, I decided to give in to what appears to be the latest meme, and I took the test to figure out my nerd score. My score was not the highest or the lowest out of the ones that have been posted on the planet, but it is still pretty high.

I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and talk on the nerd forum!

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