Google Summer of Code Update #3

Last week was a rather slow week. I did some work on allowing the dashboard to store and process information that does not come from the BTS. This exposed a few issues with the way we were storing and presenting information. After talking to Matt, we decided that the dashboard should deal with task objects. These tasks would contain basic information such as a name, person assigned to it, status, and possibly a link to a bug. This means that we would be able to start up a new DEX project by simply choosing a project name and creating a basic text file containing a list of tasks (package names, patches, bugs, etc).

I also have been trying to get a hold of some people who participated in the last DEX project. I am interested in getting some more feedback about what went well, problems they encountered, and tools that might have made things easier. I am also talking to some people who are currently working on starting up new DEX projects to try and make dextools align with as many workflows as possible. If you fall into either of these categories, I would really appreciate it if you contact me.

There is also a new wiki page that I created so that it is easier for people who are not interested in me or the Google Summer of Code to quickly see what dextools is about and monitor its progress. I will be adding more information over the next few days.

Currently, I am continuing to work on the dashboard and talking to people about their DEX experiences. I have also begun working on some scripts to generate graphs that will go on the dashboard. These graphs will allow us to quickly check our progress on different projects. They will also allow us to see and acknowledge individuals working on the tasks. I will add more information about these graphs to this blog and to the dextools wiki page.

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