Google Summer of Code Update #1

I just got off the phone with my Google Summer of Code mentor, Matt Zimmerman. Some things that we discussed were that Debian Developers are quite partial to the BTS. We agreed that using the BTS to store as much information as possible would be ideal. This would allow the Debian Maintainers to see the information that pertains to them, without them having to change their workflows to check a DEX dashboard.

Usertags are a rather useful feature that we did not utilize much when processing ancient patches. In the future, we will be applying usertags to Debian bugs that DEX is tracking so that we can easily query and track them.

We also plan to create a more useful overview/dashboard page. This page will grab a list of bugs with a certain usertag from the BTS. It will then allow people to see bugs involved in a DEX project, who is working on them, what the current status in Debian is, and what the current status downstream is. Matt mentioned possibly using jquery for this. I have not used jquery before, so I will investigate it a bit more. I also noted the transition tracker as another type of dashboard that we could base the DEX overview page on. In addition, we hope to take the graph idea a step further by modifying it to take time into account. This means that we will be able to clearly see how long a certain project is taking, predict based on our current rate how long it will take to complete, and detect periods of time where we might be slowing down. We also hope to have graphs that acknowledge people at the individual level for working on DEX projects.

During the upcoming week, I will begin working on this overview page. In addition to coding, this will involve doing some more research to learn more about some of the tools and resources available to us. I hope to have some actual code to point people to by the time I write my next blog update.

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