UOW: Summary Day 1 – Outlook Day 2

Ubuntu Open Week

Ubuntu Open Week is off to a great start. Today, we had eight great sessions presented by members of the community. Here is a quick summary in case you missed them.

  • Introduction: Jono Bacon started off Open Week with his traditional intro session. He talked about some of the “rules” to observe during Open Week in order to make the sessions as productive as possible. With some help from Jorge Castro, Jono also spent some time answering a wide range of questions.
  • Be your neighbor’s Ubuntu Guru: Fabian Rodriguez led the second session of the day. He explained introduce neighbors, friends or colleagues to Ubuntu without becoming their 24/7 dedicated “computer guy”. He also mentioned a new Ubuntu Hour program that he started up, which is an easy way for Ubuntu users to get together for a quick get-together.
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter: Or How To Achieve Organization Out Of Chaos: Craig A. Eddy held a great session about the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter (UWN). He explained how it is organized, how it has changed over the years, and how to get involved with the team.
  • Scratch your own itch, learn how to write your own app: Rick Spencer talked about Quickly and how to use it to quickly develop applications for Ubuntu. He also explained how to create a basic applications, Searchy, using quickly.
  • Ubuntu One: Joshua Hoover, Matt Griffin, Lucio Torre, and John Lenton discuss how to store, sync and share files, contacts, notes, and bookmarks with Ubuntu One. They also talked about some of the technology used to power Ubuntu One as well as their plans to provide developers with resources that will help them make use of Ubuntu One.
  • What to do when things go wrong: Although we all wish that everything would simply work the way it is meant to all of the time, that is just not possible. Alan Pope did an excellent job talking about what people can do when things simply go wrong.
  • Reporting Bugs: Brian Murray explained how to report bugs and how to make your reported bugs more likely to be fixed. Lucid will be a LTS release, so now is a great time to start reporting bugs so that we can make Ubuntu more stable
  • Running a FOSS Event: Laura Czajkowski concluded the first day of Open Week. She talked about some tricks to help deal with planning events, booking a location, and handling presentations.

Tomorrow, we have another full schedule.

I would also suggestions that you check out the wiki page and the booklet for more information about Ubuntu Open Week.

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