Ubuntu Global Jam

In order to help get the word out, we are encouraging all users to blog about the Ubuntu Global Jam. This event used to be called the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam. However, in order to make the event even better, and to open it up to a wider audience, we have decided to rename it to the Ubuntu Global Jam, and to focus on more areas of contributing than just bugs. If your LoCo is interested in participating in this event, please add an entry to the correct table on the wiki. Even if you are unable to fill out all of the columns right now, please add an entry. This will allow us to get an idea for how many teams are interested and planning on participating. If you have never run a jam like this before, information is available on the wiki. There will also be meetings on the third Thursday of every month in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode to help plan and prepare for the jam. These meetings are a great place to share any ideas that you might have on how to make the jams even better. Finally, there will also be several IRC sessions and live streams coming up in the next few months (thanks to Jorge Castro and Jono Bacon) about how to run a successful jam. I would strongly encourage anyone who is running a jam to try and attend at least one of these sessions. The dates for the sessions can be found on the bottom of this wiki page. Once again, please spread the word about Ubuntu Global Jam to as many people as you can. Blog/Tweet/Dent about it, send an email to your LoCo mailing list, tell people about it on IRC, or even tell people in real life. The more people that participate, the bigger a success this event will be.

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