Debian pkg-perl team

In order to start contributing more to Debian, I have started helping out with the pkg-perl team. I sent an email to the mailing list, and was quickly added to the team on Alioth. Using dh-make-perl, I was able to quickly package my first Perl module. Then, by following the subversion guide, I was able to upload it to the svn repository used by the team. The package was quickly reviewed by a Debian Developer on the pkg-perl team, and once all necessary changes were made, the package was uploaded.

Since then, I have worked on several other Perl modules. All of them were quickly reviewed, and sponsored once correct. The other members of the team have been very kind and helpful with answering any questions I might have.

If you are looking for a way to start contributing to Debian and have an interest in Perl, I would strongly recommend joining the pkg-perl team.

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