Introducing wallDent

I would like to introduce my latest project, wallDent, to everyone. wallDent is a script that turns your desktop wallpaper into an or Twitter timeline.


wallDent currently provides support for both Twitter and It also allows you to choose whether to display a timeline of all the messages from people you subscribe to, or to only display replies to your messages. Another nice feature is that wallDent will display any message that contains your name in red. You can also choose how often wallDent updates (defaults to every minute).

Right now, the script still has several bugs in it. However, I wanted to open this project up to the public in order to get some feedback on it. The script is currently available in a bzr branch on Launchpad: Please read the whiteboard, as it provides important information about how to use the script. I will be adding a proper README file later.

Please do not hesitate to let me know what you think of the script or to inform me of a bug or feature suggestion. You can add a comment to this blog post, send me a message on (@nhandler), or file a bug against walldent on Launchpad.

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9 Responses to Introducing wallDent

  1. ethana2 says:

    If that worked with facebook, I’d be SOLD.

  2. nhandler says:


    There is the WWW::Facebook::API perl module, so facebook support might come sometime in the future. However, for right now, I would like to focus on and twitter.

  3. Robin says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any code in that branch according to launchpad. Did you forget a push?

  4. nhandler says:


    I’m not sure what happened. Either way, the script is now in the branch.

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  6. Charles Peng says:

    Can anyone tell me how to compile and install in Fedora 10? thanks

  7. nhandler says:


    It is a Perl script. As a result, if you have the required perl modules installed, as well as imagemagick and html2ps, you should be able to run it just fine. However, for the time being, it uses gconf to set the wallpaper. As a result, it will only work on gnome for the time being. I plan to fix that in a later release.

  8. Irene Bales says:

    Great to see your blog is finally working with my new Blackberry (pearl) browser! Before it’s messed up.

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