At Home with Jono

Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, is now streaming live. You can view the stream by going to There is also an IRC client on the site that you can use to chat with Jono and other viewers while watching. If you do not like the client on the site, you can connect using your normal IRC client and connecting to:


Port 6667

Channel: #at-home-with-jono8350

The first session just ended. Once Jono figured out how to connect to the IRC channel, he spent some time responding to comments that people were saying. Jono will be notifying us sometime this week about the date and time of the next live stream. However, it should take place about a week from now.

UPDATE: Jono has changed the URL for the live stream. It is now:

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2 Responses to At Home with Jono

  1. Thanks for the info.

    Please update the original link.

  2. nhandler says:

    Daniel, the updated URL is at the bottom of the post. As a general rule, I like to keep the original posts the way they were, and just add updates onto the bottom. However, I have turned the URL into a link for those people that are too lazy to copy and paste.

    Also, Jono has just posted the information about the next videocast:

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